Ted’s House


Year of exhibition: 2014

About: Within Ornamentum’s exhibition, Ted Noten created a house as a portrait of himself as an artist and an environment to frame a selection of new works.  The confines connote a domestic setting in old-world simpler times, while the chaos of a modern cityscape development adorns the wall.  A metaphor for the “Tradition Meets Technology” approach of Noten, this space sets a stage for Noten’s exhibition of works including a new series of jewelry, several iconic acrylic bag sculptures, and for the first time ever, Noten lends his narrative to a furniture object! creating a very limited edition series (up to 7 unique pieces + 1 A.P.) table  of clear acrylic with a place setting, jewelry items, cigarettes and various objects from Ted’s daily life cast within, adorned externally with the hand engraving of an old time London master.

Ted’s House was presented by Ornamentum Gallery at Miami Beach – Design Miami, the 3rd till the 7th of December 2014.

Photo credits: James Harris (booth) Ralf Mitsch (Artworks)

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