Non Zone


Year of exhibition: 2015

About: What is value? What is originality? What is the difference between an original and a reproduction? Isn’t art always a reproduction of an idea or a perception? These are questions that preoccupy artist Ted Noten. For the exhibition ‘Non Zone’  he took a risk: he moved his entire studio to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and remained behind in the empty space, his ‘Non Zone’. During this period he would reflect upon the origins of his work and keep visitors informed by sending a visual message each day from the ‘Non Zone’.
From the 13th of June till the 18th of October 2015 Ted Noten exhibited the installation ‘Non Zone’ in three of the museum’s galleries (1, 2 and 39). In one space he will build his own ‘Tower of Babel’ close to Bruegel’s famous medieval painting and in another he will exhibit paper replicas of the jewellery he has made over the past ten years. He filled the third gallery with a mound of sand. Once a week a mechanical digger moved the sand from one side of the gallery to the other, in keeping with his motto: “to create you have to move”.

Photo credits: Guus Schoth en Lotte Stekelenburg

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