New Identifications

Year of production: 2009

Dimensions: 1.8 x 2.2cm

Materials: 18 KT gold

Edition: Edition of 7 + 1 A.P. , acquired by the Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

About: In the fishing village of Urk, Noten ran into villagers of all ages wearing a large golden earring in one ear that depicted a fishing boat. Earrings of this kind are made by a local goldsmith, and in the past they served as funeral insurance. When a fisherman drowned, the gold in the earring was worth enough to pay for the transport of his washed-up corpse to another village on the shores of the Zuiderzee, or for his burial along the coast. Inspired by this tradition, Ted Noten made a series of present-day variations, mainly for Urk’s young generation. With the fishing industry in decline, this group is in search of an identity. The images on the new earrings refer to contemporary symbols and values.

New Identifications was a part of the exhibition Gone With the Wind. The exhibition was curated by fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum. Their selection of artists, designers, photographers and illustrators highlighted the link between the traditions of the Dutch garment industry and current professional practice in fashion, accessories and jewellery. In 20 locations in and around the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, classic and modern designs illustrated typical Dutch themes. Ted Noten contributed two pieces: The Revenge of the Pearl Necklace and New Identifications.

Photo credits: Atelier Ted Noten

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