Conversation Table

Year of production: 2014
Dimensions: Table: 107 x 82 x 12.5cm / legs: 70 x 11 x 11cm

Materials: Copper bell gold plated, steel tray heavy silverplated, Pig bracelte 3D printed: thumbled glass filled nylon, 18kt golden ears and tail, sweet water pearl necklace, Design Icon ring 925/1000; Lady K-TN engraving, 6kt stone necklace 24kt goldplated, antique brush with horn and hair, heavy silverplated spoon and forks, divers precious stones, 3D printed heart ring (Mathilda), ceramic table piece, gold tooth cap all casted in PMMAEdition:Serie of 7 + 2 A.P.

About: The Conversation Table, commissioned by Ornamentum Gallery, was the centrepiece of the ‘Ted’s House’ installation at Design Miami 2014. Ted Noten responded to the invitation to design a table with a creation involving 140 kg of acrylic and a large number of objects embedded in it. These include a pearl necklace on a tray inside the transparent table top, a spoon and fork and a gold-plated call bell, as well as a Miss Piggy bracelet, a heart-shaped Mathilda ring and a Design Icon ring. A Winchester rifle and a pistol are engraved into the table top. Ted Noten sees this piece as a negotiating table, which thanks to all of its details has a libertine, pleasure-seeking quality. It probably served as a kind of baroque medicine to prepare Noten for a blank period, since he knew that in the early summer of 2015 he would have to clear out his atelier so that the whole interior could be moved to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Ted’s House consisted almost entirely of new work. The only older piece in the installation – which also included a timeline and a large photograph of a freeway in Shanghai, used as a backdrop – was Mom, from the series Haunted by 36 Women.

Photo credits: Ralf Mitsch

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