Two Exhibitions in China: Shining on the Stage – Dutch Spirits and Meeting the Future

Ted’s work ‘I don’t like to wear jewellery, I carry them’ is shown in two exhibitions in China.

‘Shining on the Stage – Dutch Spirit’ in Shanghai, it is the first time that a group of leading contemporary jewellery designers and artists from the Netherlands, attends such an exhibition in China since the two established diplomatic relations. This project devotes to these new awakenings in Dutch creative industries with a focus on jewellery, naturally, but with a very open and contemporary-oriented approach.

Curator: Prof. SUN Jie

Opening: 1st September 15:00 PM

Location: NoCC, Siping SPace, Tieling Road 115, Yangpu, Shanghai.

Exhibition Duration: 2nd -24th SEP 2019

‘MEETING THE FUTURE – International Exhibition for Contemporary Art’, this exhibition will be divided into 3 Chapters: Chapter 1: Meeting the master: From Picasso, Dali to Andy Warhol. In cooperation with London Fashion and Textile Museum, it will represent a series of original textile design works from the world-famous modern artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and so on. Chapter 2: Meeting the contemporary: Art, Design & Fashion. This chapter features works from a very diverse art form and media in the field of visual art, from painting, jewellery, product design to fashion that comes from selected representatives 36 artists, from 10 countries such as the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, China, Switzerland and so on. Chapter 3: Meeting The Future. The Last Chapter of our exhibition is an array display of new media art-works that offers a new level of sensory experience, inspiring viewers and encourage people to understand the value and significance of art and design in a contemporary context.

Opening: October 2, 2019  ( Wednesday )

Duration: October 2, 2019 – January 12, 2020

Curator: SUN Jie

Organizer: SxV Museum of Modern Art, City Government of Qingdao West Coast New District

Co-Organizer: Qingdao University, Tongji University Shanghai, London Fashion and Textile Museum, New Institute of Fashion, Geneva University of Art and Design, Seoul National University, Gallery RA Amsterdam. etc.

Address: SV MoMA Museum Gallery, FeiCuiChangJiang, #764 Changjiang Road, Qingdao

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