Ted’s monograph: Ubiquist

During the opening of Noten’s latest solo exhibition Non Zone at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam his latest monograph Ubiquist was revealed.

The book illustrates the pitiless precision of each separate design Noten has executed throughout his career. At the same time it documents the immense playing field in which Noten operates. And it follows him to international museums and gloomy villas, symposia and ateliers, leading newspapers and video clips, academies and brothels. Through the eye of photographer Johannes Schwartz it provides intimate glimpses of his studio.

Ubiquist is available to order via the NAI010 publishers website. To order one of the 25 special editions of the publication, adorned with 25 bullets and signed by Noten himself, please contact cathelijne@tednoten.com

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