Tedanchamon at MPV Gallery

Ted Noten is known as an innovator in jewelery art. Now he has his own treasure room in Den Bosch.

“Tedanchamon” is written in large letters. At the top of the spacious MPV Gallery in Den Bosch, artist Ted Noten has furnished an art tomb full of his own work. Ted has been living and working in Den Bosch for two years, with the invitation of curator Majke Hüsstege, Noten was able to transform an old office of Gallery Mark Peet Visser into an art cabinet. A room painted in gold where recent artworks have been brought together. As an archaeologist who digs for treasures in his own oeuvre, Noten has chosen the best pieces.

Works that Noten regards as “loners”. “A large portion was recently seen in the USA,” he adds. Worldwide recognition has been around for Ted Noten’s vision. He knows better than anyone how to combine the detail of jewelery art with stimulating conceptual ideas. Beautifully finished, slightly absurd objects with which he stylishly explores the dividing line between jewelry design and visual art. Work that splashes the pleasure of making. In Ted Noten’s treasure room you can find some imaginative gems. Works of art with a story behind it. A number of art jewelery, for example, refer to Noten’s Catholic past. “I no longer have anything with the Catholic faith, but that baroque exuberance suits me,” emphasizes Noten. There is a beautiful Rosary for which rose petals, roots and buds are cast in transparent beads of PMMA acrylic. A golden old Siberian cross is included as a crown piece in the prayer line. Further on is an acrylic sculpture in which Noten has incorporated the prayer crosses of his grandmother. “This time not a suitcase but a travel trolley. I see my grandmother dancing at the gate of heaven with this trolley. ”

His famous acrylic pistols are also returning, but now as a jewelery and pearl-spitting gun. Birds are a beloved object such as the moving “Traveler” in which a yellow bunting is laid out in a time capsule. A crazy ode to his art brother Hieronymus Bosch is also available. The fantasy of Ted Noten really has no bounds, although he himself is always careful to plant the picket posts between art and kitsch as gently as possible. In fact, Noten’s work is about the fight against transience. Jewelery art like the conquering of time. In that sense, Tedanchamon hopes to be able to rule over his own art tomb for a long time. Ted Noten’s treasure room can be visited until 7 July at MPV Gallery, Bastion Vught 35, in Den Bosch.

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