Project Description


Year of production:



2x3x6 cm


3D-printed stainless steel




Because of the fact that funds are disappearing and subsidies are being cut, Ted Noten has designed a ring to safeguard him against his own bankruptcy. This time, the design does not explicitly feature a “pig” or a “gun”. Instead, he has opted for his own head to be the distinguishing feature. In his own words: “I know that I am my own best salesman, so why not play the devil’s advocate -Mephisto?”

The ring is made from bronze. If you turn the head, you will discover that it contains a small compartment where you could store a sniff of coke or a Viagra pill. You could call it an “antidote” ring.

People who buy the ring will automatically support Ted’s work and ensure the continuation of his work as an artist.

Photo credits:

Atelier Ted Noten