Project Description

‘I Shot Myself a Croc…’

Year of production:



26x30x8 cm


Bag/crocodile, stone casted in acrylic, precious stones/silver
18kt goldplated attachments


Unique piece
In collection of a private collector


Fish, birds, salamanders . . . there aren’t many species of animals that Ted Noten doesn’t encase in acrylic sooner or later. But the crocodile in ‘I shot myself a Croc…’ is a special case, if only because of the feelings of guilt expressed in the title. The most unusual thing about this work, however, is the placement of the animal. Unlike in all of Ted’s other suitcases, briefcases and bags, the crocodile is encased in the handle and not in the main compartment, where instead we see a dark stone. Is this a reference to the use of crocodile skin on the handles of expensive handbags? Is that the stone that ended the animal’s short life (or immortalized it)? But in that case, how does the title fit in? Where is the bullet? Which animal was shot: the mother or the baby? And for that matter, who is the ‘her’ for whom the bag was made? ‘I shot myself a Croc . . .’ is an enigmatic variation on a very familiar theme.

Photo credits:

Atelier Ted Noten