Project Description

Chanel 001/ Dior 001 / YSL 001

Year of production:



27x14x4 cm


Acrylics, beheaded magpie-bird, vintage jewellery and a golden watch


Edition of 3 + 1 AP

The Dior 001 is a part of the Collection National Museum Art, Architecture and Design Oslo (NO)
The Chanel 001 is a part of a private collection


These pistols serve as a holder for countless items, much in the same way as in the 7 Necessities series (2012). Its built-in features items such as a USB stick, lip gloss, a cosmetic mirror, an acrylic bullet, a silver necklace, a white-gold hairpin with a diamond and a container for pills.

Photo credits:

Atelier Ted Noten