Medusa – Bijoux et Tabous

From May 19th to November 5th 2017 Ted’s Superbitch Bag will be shown as a part of the Exhibition Medusa- Bijoux et Tabous, at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

The Medusa exhibition takes a modern look at objects that are a cross between adornment and sculpture and which fascinate artists as much as the public.

Jewellery elicits undeniable reactions of “attraction/repulsion”, depending on who designs it, wears it, or looks at it, much like the terrifying face of the mythical Medusa. Though jewellery is one of the most ancient forms of human expression, it is rarely considered art, often still perceived as too feminine, precious, decorative and of the body, or even primitive. But contemporary artists and creators have taken jewellery far beyond its own traditions, and by reinventing it, have transformed our gaze.

The museum presents almost 300 pieces organised thematically: those made by artists (Meret Oppenheim, Man Ray, Calder, Dali, Picasso, Fabrice Gygi, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Danny McDonald), designers (René Lalique, Anni Albers, Line Vautrin, Tony Duquette, Bless), contemporary jewellers (Gijs Bakker, Karl Fristch, Sophie Hanagarth, etc.), fine jewellers, as well as anonymous or more ancient pieces (antique, Native American, or even punk, rap, SM, etc.). The MEDUSA exhibition brings together pieces that are one of a kind with others that exist in multiple copies, and are made by hand, industrially, or even by computer, thus allowing visitors to compare and contrast refined, artisanal, and futuristic aesthetics.

Curated by Anne Dressen

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