Project Description

Uzi Mon Amour

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Bag, Uzi 24kt goldplated cast in acrylic/brass handle/engraved poem


5 Unique Pieces


Ted Noten has become infamous for his so called “gun bags”. Real guns cast in gold, then engraved and sealed in massive blocks of acrylic in the shape of elegant handbags. After working on this series for many years, Noten has decided to complete this part of his oeuvre with a Grand Finale: the Uzi Mon Amour series.

These works contain a symbolism that reaches beyond that of the earlier Donna Corleone and Lady K bags, caused by the many contrasting elements. The Uzi’s have big silencers and make massive, almost alien, golden instruments. The imposing character conflicts with the engraved haiku’s that are erotic, romantic and sometimes even impertinent. In each Uzi, a different haiku is engraved. Due to an export ban, these works can only be sold in the UnitedStates and might never be on show in Europe. By presenting aggressive, disputable elements in an elegant and beautiful cover, the work of Ted Noten questions every presumption concerning beauty and destruction, value and worthlessness, greed and respect. Or, as Noten calls it, this series is gathered under his motto “Design against Crime”.

At Design Miami 2009, the first piece of the series was sold immediately.

Photo credits:

Ralf Mitsch