Drawer’s Delight

Ornamentum Gallery is thrilled to present Ted Noten under the exhibition banner Drawer’s Delight – 3 decades of new and unearthed treasures.

Stunning new sculptures in acrylic; Noten’s iconic handbag forms and “Drawers” build narratives from the items encased within, together with wearable works from the artist’s personal collection- treasures spanning almost 30 years, unearthed by Noten during a recent move from his studio of 25 years with specific works picked by Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann of Ornamentum.  The selection represents key positions from Noten’s artistic development, each example chosen signifies an important chapter of his personal narrative.

Peering through Noten’s acrylic works can be seen as looking into the artist’s soul… each composition a self-portrait of sorts.  Poetic beauty is found within juxtapositions of oddly intriguing, sometimes distasteful elements such as a spoon sculpted of meat entrapped for eternity in contemporary amber. Viewing Noten’s oeuvre within Drawer’s Delight allows the observer to get to know him on a level beneath the surface, yet we are teased with these invitations.  Left intentionally vague, each leaves us curious to delve further.

On show from October 20 – November 20 2017.

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