Collected with Passion, Donated with Love

A selection of Ted’s work will be shown as a part of the exhibition Collected with Passion, Donated with Love, on view from the 15th of January till the 28th of May 2017 at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn the Netherlands.

Earlier this year, CODA Museum received an extraordinary private donation: the jewellery collection of Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen. This collection consists of more than 150 objects made by over 50 artists and designers. Riet and Johan van Lonkhuijsen built up their collection with passion and dedication. They decided that their collection was to be donated to CODA after their passing away. This decision was motivated by CODA’s large existing collection of artist jewellery, the museum’s collection policy regarding artist jewellery, and its willingness to accept donations. Moreover, CODA’s active exhibition policy guaranteed that their beloved collection would continue to be displayed, which meant that their passion for jewellery would remain visible and tangible. From 15 January up to 28 May 2017 inclusive, CODA presents an overview of this unique private collection with Met passie verzameld, met liefde geschonken, an exhibition that was compiled by guest curator Ward Schrijver.

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