Body Control: Sieraden en mode op de grens van de mens

From November 1 to January 26, Museum Arnhem presents Body Control: jewelry and fashion on the border of man. This new exhibition shows a surprising combination of recent jewelry and fashion design from more than 100 international designers and artists. Body Control responds to current social issues concerning the manufacturability and limits of the human body.

The Church, the temporary presentation space of Museum Arnhem, is the backdrop for more than 200 recent designs that each tell their own story: recognizable, alienating, innovative and often controversial.

In Body Control there are internationally established names alongside up-and-coming talent. From the anatomical couture of Iris van Herpen to the hybrid jewelry of Katja Prins, from the body-filling jewelry of Lauren Kalman to the technological creations of Anouk Wipprecht. The inherent connection with the body, as a wearer but also as an image determiner, makes that jewelry and fashion designers from all over the world respond to the concept of body, its limits and the manufacturability thereof. Face recognition, selfies and labia corrections Body Control shows a large selection of objects, jewelry, clothing and installations. Frameed in three main themes – Human, Extra-Human and Superhuman – the exhibition uses the stimulating imagination of artists and designers to let the public take a position on current themes. Can jewelry play a role in misleading facial recognition software? Or how does a series of objects stimulate the discussion about labia corrections? Can jewelry make us smarter? Or immortal? Body Control shows a wide variety of designs. There are designers who protect the body with their works, others see the body as divine, others respond to the feasible ideal image. There are also designers who use the body as material or, on the contrary, literally cross the body boundary and create an interaction between body and design. Participating designers include: Iris Eichenberg, Imme van der Haak, Iris van Herpen, Lauren Kalman, Ted Noten, Sinéad O’Dwyer, Neri Oxman, Ruudt Peters, Katja Prins, Ana Rajcevic, Mi-Ah Rödiger, Anouk Wipprecht and circa 80 others.

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In this podcast series below of the same name, Dennis Gaens talks to makers from the exhibition. Ted Noten is the guest in this third episode. His shows include the ‘Beauty Mask’ from the ‘7 Necessities’ series.

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