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Haunted By 36 WomenMEPHISTO, self portrait ring2012-Woonbeurspin en Atelier Ted Noten2008-Aquila Non Captat Muscas. ASCO Art installation Head Office2008- Sales at Gallery Rob Koudijs Amsterdam

september 2009

Haunted By 36 Women

Many types of women have inspired Ted Noten in making his new series of work. Assemblages, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches in many different colors, materials and sizes are the result of a one year survey through the world of women. Featuring: the Fashionista, the Icecream Girl and the Femme Fatale. These assemblages are translated into jewels by 3d printing technique.

What is 3D printing?
3D printing is the process of combining a 3D CAD file with, a Laser Sintering machine and as a result, a virtual electronic file is rendered into a solid object built by the layers. Any material is possible and on "Design Miami", Atelier Ted Noten is going to present the first 3d printed jewellery in 24 krt. gold in a live show where the buyer can decide himself at what point in the designproces he wants his design. Due to a computer-program socalled Morfing the buyer himself becomes part of the designproces.


The Japanese artist Hokusai immortalized the most enchanting landscape he knew in a group of woodprints: '36 views of Mount Fuji'. These images inspired Ted Noten to develop 36 jewels for just as many types of women. Noten also made images: each woman was portrayed in a three dimensional collage. The shoes, car tyres and other ‘objects trouvés’ he used, seem a far cry from regular jewellery.

The artist became a jewellerymaker at the moment he reworked the scale and details of these collages in a computer. State-of-the-art technology allowed him to produce objects in any material and seize: fit for a finger, arm or neck. Out of each collage just one golden jewel will be developed. In addition to these unique pieces, the designer Noten manufactured small editions in innovative plastics, titanium or steel.
Ted Noten’s work is a radically contemporary approach of the age-old craft of the goldsmith. With it he manages to seduce not only his 36 women: wether you are a lover of sculpture, of exclusive gold or wearable jewellery, his work will be hard to resist. ( author: Ward Schrijver)

Miss Piggy
Collection of rings, 3D printed nylon with glass fibre, 2009

A democratised ring for everyone, available for a low price and manufactured in an unlimited series. With this rapid prototyped ring the artist tries to conquer the world: a genuine Ted Noten ring for every woman on earth is his ideal.
When Ted Noten started using cad-cam to realise his most recent collection ‘Haunted by 36 Women’ (2009), he initially used the 3D printing technique in a rather slow way. It started by making sculptures from assembled found objects(HAUTE COUTURE). These sculptures, assemblages of shoes, chairs, tyres and other found objects, were 3d scanned and then computer manipulated and rapid prototyped to become pieces of jewellery in either gold(COLLECTORS ITEM), titanium, steel etc.etc. and coloured nylon. The sculpture Night Bird was the model for two gold rings and a limited series of 25 titanium rings. To find out later that this ring was a perfect prototype for an unlimited series, now with a new and independent name and identity, ‘Miss Piggy’.(PRET A PORTER)
Rapid prototyping can be used in a slow way by making a one-off or a limited series. But the challenge is in the fact that rapid prototyping enables you to make large quantities of work – which only pays if the maker is a celebrity. Exclusively for Skitsch, the Italian internet seller, Noten designed a new collection of 3D printed jewellery ‘Yo Sunshine’. The artist starts copying himself as an act of mercy and merchandising. 3D printing is a very fast manufacturing process: within few days after ordering you receive either hundred, hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of copies.

Selected by Liesbeth den Besten (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)