Central Saint Martins studio visit

Central Saint Martins paid us a studio visit!

(Illusion) Interior

An article about (Illusion) Interior, taken from the Budapester Zeitung.

Ted X-Bank I’m in Heaven

Ted X-Bank I’m in Heaven

50.000 Dollar Piece

50.000 Dollar Piece was a special commission from a well-known collector and his wife (they are listed as a part of the 1oo most passionate collectors from the Netherlands).

The precious stones originate from Birma and were eternalized in a series of jewelry pieces called Parure.  The pieces were hand engraved by Daniel Houwer.

Mr. Claw hijacked

Mr. Claw hijacked by Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch!


Carnival (Dutch: Carnaval; also called “vastenavond” – eve of the fasting or Limburgish: “vastelaovend”)

Image: Drawer for Tejo Remy’s 111th Chest, 2007. In collection of Jeu en Netty van Sint Fiet


To celebrate the ending of a successful exhibition, Ted’s Non Zone Tower was dismantled on the 17th of October 2015. As a part of the dismantling young artists could take one of Ted’s tools for free. On the day, the Scavengers were portrayed with their treasures.

I’m fed up with guns

During his time of reflection in the Non Zone, Noten created a special Edition of his latest publication Ted Noten Ubiquist. 

The special edition is signed and adorned with 25 bullets shot into the book by Noten Himself.

For inquiries please contact: cathelijne@tednoten.com