Sgr A*

As a part of Noten’s solo exhibition Non Zone at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum Ted commissioned SGR A*, an animation showing the digital landscape of his Paper Replica’s series.

The animation completed the Yellow Room which showed a total of 31 paper replica’s of Ted’s works, 3D-printed in yellow paper.

Thanks to:
Eva Verheul – Creative director
Jaap Dekker

Ted’s monograph: Ubiquist

During the opening of Noten’s latest solo exhibition Non Zone at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam his latest monograph Ubiquist was revealed.

The book illustrates the pitiless precision of each separate design Noten has executed throughout his career. At the same time it documents the immense playing field in which Noten operates. And it follows him to international museums and

A BNO Trophy

The Association of Dutch Designers, BNO,  commissioned Ted to design the Dude Trophy. The wall object can be lit up by using one of the bespoke acrylic creditcards adorned with ants and precious stones.  The trophy is awarded each year to two new members to honour of the Association. This years winners are Ton

The Non Zone

What is value? What is originality? What is the difference between an original and a reproduction? Isn’t art always a reproduction of an idea or a perception? These are questions that preoccupy artist Ted Noten. For the exhibition ‘Non Zone’ this summer he is taking a risk: he is moving his entire studio to